How to play IGI-2 Step-7/Border Crossing

There are many way to play here I will instruct you one way. If you think it’s difficult to complete this step you can save it five times. To save the game press” Num Enter” clicks IGI HQ when next windows comes click “Upload mission data to IGI HQ”. When start the game press Num-Enter and observe what you have to do. Remember one thing this is a difficult step so play carefully Now follow the arrow quickly and reach the hill point.

From there follow next arrow and reach the forest here you will see an enemy move silently you can lay down yourself come close to the man and kill him with your knife pick up his gun.

From there kill the other man with the help of this gun click right mouse move wheel and shot. After his death collect that weapon. Press Num Enter to see first target point and come back there.

Kill all man when situation is under control complete your task. Don’t take a look around move yourself into the forest and hide for some moment avoid helicopter. When it’s gone collect AK 47 move forward and reach the forest.

Here hide yourself inside some small tree and wait some moment. From there try to shot some enemy. Try it again change your direction and kill all enemy but be careful hide yourself from the tankers.

When maximum enemy are killed try to cross the field but be careful here three tanker waiting for you and they are very dangerous. Lay down your body move silently and the field.

 Remember don’t up your body before reach the forest. When you reach inside a small tree then up your body and hide yourself kill your enemies.

When it’s done move in the next object direction don’t cross the wire fence, but when you see the check post tower behind the fence shot that man.

When it’s done move forward and cross the fence your next object will complete. Reach near the helicopter.

This steps mission is finish Next and most exciting mission waiting for you.
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