How to play IGI-2 Step-8/Libyan Rendezvous

There are many way to play here I will instruct you one way. If you think it’s difficult to complete this step you can save it five times. To save the game press” Num Enter” clicks IGI HQ when next windows comes click “Upload mission data to IGI HQ”. When start the game press Num-Enter and observe what you have to do. Remember one thing this is a difficult step so play carefully reach near the ladder quickly and reach the point.

Here you will see one enemy shot him.

When it’s done come to the next man but don’t kill him he is your instructor. Go there and talk with him.

When he walks you follow him and protect him from the enemy. 

Don’t let him go along shot the pointed enemy first.

After that follow him and shot next enemies and follow him.

He will reach you in the security room shot the guard and come to the computer press Shift little long.
Object One will be complete.

Now let him go and you start your mission Follow the path use the ladder reach top floor.

Here you have to faced two enemy kill them, pick up the gun and the pointed bag.

After that with the help of binocular gun shoot some enemy. Click right mouse turn mouse wheel up down to set better target.

Get back down with the help of the ladder follow the path. You should press Num-Enter to see next target.

Watch out here someone waiting for you shoot the pointed enemy.

When you reach the lorry it will be pointed to do something’s then press Shift little long.

When it’s done move first it will be blast then you can die. So move first follow the path. Remember one things when you think it’s difficult then save the game.

Shoot some enemy watch up and shoot them first.

When upper enemy are shooted move first turn right. Kill quickly all enemy don’t let go anyone he will destroy what you want. So kill all of them.

Go first floor turn left watch all room here one prisoner will be sited don’t shoot, Just go near.

This steps mission is finish Next and most exciting mission waiting for you. Be prepared to face most difficult steps.
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