How to play IGI-2 Step-9/Prison Escape

There are many way to play here I will instruct you one way. If you think it’s difficult to complete this step you can save it five times. To save the game press” Num Enter” clicks IGI HQ when next windows comes click “Upload mission data to IGI HQ”. When start the game press Num-Enter and observe what you have to do. Remember one thing this is a difficult step so play carefully pick up the gun and quickly shot your enemies.

Move forward and shot your next enemies when it’s done move in the pointed area pick your first object from there shot some enemies.

When all enemies are shouted move forward and follow the path here you will see one prisoner.
Collect some weapon and back to the hall open the door. From there try to kill all enemies it will take some moment.

Press Num Enter to see position of your enemies when all are shouted move and kill the pointed enemies and reach the door.

Open the door and use ladder to reach underground.
Be careful from the red light camera. Don’t go near shoot your enemies and move forward. When you reach next ladder and use it to reach up.
Get yourself ready shoot the pointed enemy go near the check post use ladder and reach upper.
Pick PSG-1 gun use the rope to reach inside the wall.

When you reached shoot the all camera you from here. After that move to the pointed building and complete your object.
When this object is complete get outside and shoots the pointed enemies with the help of PSG-1. After that reach the pointed area. In the room you will see a switch click it to open the gate.
When it’s done get out from there open the pointed gate and get back here use the ladder to reach upper your all object will complete.
This steps mission is finish Next and most exciting mission waiting for you. Be prepared to face most difficult steps.
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