How to play IGI-2 Step-18 / Mission Control

There are many way to play here I will instruct you one way. If you think it’s difficult to complete this step you can save it five times. To save the game press” Num Enter” clicks IGI HQ when next windows comes click “Upload mission data to IGI HQ”.

When start the game press Num-Enter and observe what you have to do. Remember one thing this is a difficult step so play carefully be alert save game data time to time you can overwrite your save data.

Objective 1: Sabotage Radar Control
Let’s start Run towards the compound and hide in the bushes. Kill the guards in the towers and near the fences with the sniper rifle. Move to the hut by the front gate. Now approach the inner guard house, crouch and open the door then quickly hide on the side. Peek to see if he's still staring at your direction, if not sneak inside and break his neck.

Activate the computer to open the gate to the 2nd compound. Check the camera's here especially the one near you. When it's rotating on the other side, run to left warehouse and enter through the backdoor. Inside are 2 guards walking back and forth, just shoot them quickly with your SMG on their heads to avoid return fires. Head to the far door and open the nearby gate to gain access to the next compound.

Now this is more easier (as long as you can time the cameras), just move to the radar control building (objective 1) and wait for the camera to rotate on the other side. Go up the ramp quickly and open the door. There's no enemy inside so just sabotage the radar control and exit the building. Check the security camera again before you go out.

Objective 2: Call For Repairs
Crouch your way to the left side of the helicopter. Look through the side opening of the chopper and aim at the tower guard near the central gate. Use your SMG on him to avoid noise, if you use your G11 then other nearby guards will hear you. After he's finished go to objective 2 building and do the same way you entered the radar control building.

Objective 3: Gain Access To Launch Control Compound
After you call for repairs run down and wait for tech boy to go a little bit far and run (that's right RUN! again) inside the compound. The camera will see you but will only beep once, then return to crouch mode and move behind the left building.

Objective 4: Acquire Launch Codes
Enter the last building, where objectives 4,5,6,7 are. Watch for the security camera first before entering. Open the 2nd door, snap the guards neck and get the briefcase.

Objective 5: Reprogram Navigational Computer
This is where things get messy... I can't get a silent approach and avoid being seen by the white guy near the navigational computer. So if you found a better way to sneak past the guards here it will be more appreciated. Anyways what I did here is check first the movements of the 2 guards outside using the map. Once they're both on the sides, I get in still crouching and jumped down from the walkway (not the stairs) and moved close to the navigational computer room. I opened the door, moved a bit... and AHHH! All hell breaks loose! He noticed me, I shot him before he fires. Ran to the computer, reprogrammed it, and went out for some blood bath.

Objective 6: Override Launch Control
Actually there's just a few enemies here... but I didn't want a Desk Officer ranking after repeating the game for numerous times! After I did objective 5, I head out and killed the other white guys and override the launch control. Never mind the camera, the alarm is on anyway.

Objective 7: Slide Down The Wire To The Launch Pad
After objective 6, I go back the stairs, killed the remaining guards and went outside. I climbed the ladders and slide down the wire to the launch pad.

This steps mission is finish next and Final most exciting mission waiting for you. Be prepared to face most difficult steps. I will tell you one thing that Final mission is really difficult but it’s will be adventurous for you.
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